October 29, 2007

Deer Creek State Park

Husband read that yesterday was supposed to be the peak for colors at Deer Creek State Park, so that means even more tree pictures! The peak had passed and it won't be long until the trees are not so photogenic so there will be less tree pictures soon. We hiked the Ridge Trail and the Rich Van Horn Trail. We would have hiked another, but the restaurant was closed for the afternoon and I was hungry and weak. I had never been to Deer Creek before. It's more of a resort type park and I usually go for the basic type, but it was nice.

I kept staring at this tree seeing the fractals.
Deer Creek State Park

Ray on the Ridge Trail. There weren't any tall trees where we were.
Deer Creek State Park

This is me on the Ridge Trail.

Deer Creek Lake. Again, I could have spent all day staring at the water.
Deer Creek State Park

THE pretty tree.
Deer Creek State Park

My goal is to hike the Grandma Gatewood Trail in Hocking Hills. I think I need to hike each part separately before attempting it all at once. Grandma Gatewood sounds like a very cool lady.


mollylouhoo said...

That knitting nature book I have been working from has a few patterns based on fractals. They are beyond me! As always though your pictures are beautiful!

Dave said...

Nice pics.

Sorry if this is out of line; it's cool to see your husband in shorts with the prosthetic. I wear leg braces and always am a bit self-conscious of the stares when I wear shorts. I think I'll try again not to care as much.

Betty said...

Thanks for the compliments - I love trees!

Dave, it's not out of line at all. I think it's cool to see him in shorts too. It took a while after his surgery before he was ready to wear shorts in public but now he wears them even in colder weather because they are much more comfortable for him. Feel free to contact him if you'd like.

Dave said...

Thanks so much. Strong guy. I don't think I need to call, I'm just going to look the other way if someone's rude or staring. I used to wear shorts year round. Thanks.

apocaknits said...

Grandma Gatewood does sound pretty sweet!

rayb said...

Thanks for the comments Dave.

I've never had someone act rude. There's the occasional stare. I either ignore it or stare back.
Then they become the self-conscious one I'm not worried what they think.

Oh. Nice pictures Betty.