October 21, 2007

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

I usually go to Hocking Hills in September for a few days and then again in October for a few days. This year I have no plans to go because I don't want my dog left alone all day while I'm gone. To get my fall color nature fix, I'm taking advantage of what we have around here. Yesterday I went to Battelle Darby Creek for a stroll on the Dyer Mill/Ski Trail. This one is 3.2 miles and mostly level with one dip to get down by the creek.

Big Darby Creek

The first part of the trail was pretty much all green and bare trees. Then I came across the maple section. Lots of yellow there.

A leaf not letting weather control what it does. This red was a rare sight,
Red leaf

until I came out of the woods and back to a prairie.

A few oak trees had both bright green and bright red.
Red and green Oak Leaves

My newest desktop.
Red and green Oak Leaves

The sky was perfect.

There's a place for ice skating in the winter I was not aware of.
A place for ice skating

This is a good place to go and enjoy nature without being bothered by people.

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