November 27, 2007

Hikes, hats, boat and toast.

I'm making an effort to spend more time outside this winter. Maybe if I acclimate myself, I will learn to like it. Yesterday I found myself wishing for snow. I've gone on a few of the scheduled night hikes with the Metro Parks, which I found fun. The other day, I talked Ray into walking around the North Bank Park. It was kind of disappointing to see so much litter, but it definitely has potential.
Me and the Scioto
The Santa Maria. Personally, I can't imagine spending money to see this, but it's kind of cool to just walk by.
The Santa Maria

We also went to see William Wegman: Funney/Strange at the Wexner The video of how to make Log Cabin Cinnamon Toast was well worth the price of admission :) Admission is free, btw, as was parking on Sunday.

The finished Koolhaas hat.
Koolhass Hat

And a beagle hat.
Beagle Hat

November 19, 2007

Sparano's Pizza

Pizza choices and preferences can get pretty personal, at least around here. This is what I get when I'm totally on my own and can get what I want. A rare occurrence.

Sparano's Pizza

Sparano's Pizza
1783 N Hague Ave
Columbus, OH 43204-1618
Phone: (614) 487-0087

November 15, 2007

Last splash of color.

Hiking has slowed, but trees in my yard looked nice this week.
Trees in my yard

I even enjoyed doing some raking. I'm sure the thrill will be gone before all of the leaves fall.
Yellow leaves

November 14, 2007

The Chocolate Cafe

As the daylight hours decrease, chocolate consumption increases. It's a law of nature - at least my nature. I can't believe I haven't been to this place sooner.

The Chocolate Cafe! It's located at 1855 Northwest Blvd, near the intersection of Northwest and North Star. You can get a light meal there and many many chocolate things. I had the 1/2 sandwich and soup combo, with a veggie and hummus sandwich and the lobster bisque soup. Both were excellent. I also had the dark chocolate mocha, which, even made with skim milk was very rich and creamy. The coffee drink came with a spoonful of chocolate on the side. Can you tell this is my kind of place??

November 1, 2007

Trails, Puppers, and Knitting

Before you say "Another tree picture???", take a closer look, maybe even click on it to enlarge it and you will see something in addition to trees.

Battelle Darby Creek

That was taken at Battelle Darby Creek on the Ancient Trail. I hiked the Terrace Trail (2 mile loop) which is part level and part hilly. One hill had me huffing and puffing. It's all gravel. From there, the Ancient Trail (1.9 mile loop) spurs off of it. It has a little gravel, but it's mostly grass and going through a meadow.

Just a few more pics...
Battelle Darby Creek
Battelle Darby Creek

Over the weekend, Husband looked at the calendar and then put the hammock away. I looked at the weather forecast and got it back out. Katy is happy that I did.


I actually finished a knitting project. The Daisy Sweater for Baby B - who was dressed in a Bee costume and looked totally adorable for Trick or Treat - Baby Bee! Sorry, I can't post pics of her.
Daisy Sweater