November 1, 2007

Trails, Puppers, and Knitting

Before you say "Another tree picture???", take a closer look, maybe even click on it to enlarge it and you will see something in addition to trees.

Battelle Darby Creek

That was taken at Battelle Darby Creek on the Ancient Trail. I hiked the Terrace Trail (2 mile loop) which is part level and part hilly. One hill had me huffing and puffing. It's all gravel. From there, the Ancient Trail (1.9 mile loop) spurs off of it. It has a little gravel, but it's mostly grass and going through a meadow.

Just a few more pics...
Battelle Darby Creek
Battelle Darby Creek

Over the weekend, Husband looked at the calendar and then put the hammock away. I looked at the weather forecast and got it back out. Katy is happy that I did.


I actually finished a knitting project. The Daisy Sweater for Baby B - who was dressed in a Bee costume and looked totally adorable for Trick or Treat - Baby Bee! Sorry, I can't post pics of her.
Daisy Sweater


Bean Counting Knitter said...

Woohooooooo! Great job on the sweater. I can't wait to fondle it. Katy looks very happy and cute!

apocaknits said...

That sweater is gorgeous! I love it.

mollylouhoo said...

Everything about this post was awesome. As a big fan of things that are cute, you really got me with the grazing deer, Katy puppy, pink sweater cuteness trifecta.

Betty said...

Thanks for the compliments! The sweater has already been given to my granddaughter. I finished it about 20 minutes before leaving to go there :)

hesira said...

Love the sweater. I'm sure Baby B looks like a dream in it.

Love the nature pictures! Great shot with the deer.