October 13, 2007

Prairie Oaks

Today Shauna and I went to Prairie Oaks for a walk on the Coneflower Trail. This is one I like a lot because you walk through prairie and woods, and I used to be able to walk along Big Darby Creek, but that part of the path was blocked off today. I don't know why but you can still go look at the creek at one point along the trail.

The prairie.

The woods.

Big Darby Creek.
Big Darby Creek

I have a thing about exposed tree roots. I think they are so neat.
Big Darby Creek

Seeing this helped me decide what pattern I'm going to use for the alpaca/merino yarn I bought at A Wool Gathering. Can you guess that it will have cables? :)

Shauna was tired.
She's tired.

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hesira said...

That looks like a lovely walk! I know what you mean about exposed tree roots. There's something magical about them.