October 9, 2007

October tomatoes

I was not one of the people complaining about the recent heat wave. I was happy to have it and now I am ready for it to be October. One thing I had not yet made myself do was get rid of the tomato plants. They were filled with green tomatoes that had stopped ripening. Lo and behold, the heat wave and this is what we have.

October Tomatoes

The vet called today with Katy's test results. As feared, it looks like she has bladder cancer. He's going to call back tomorrow to talk more about it. She is feeling better after starting a new medicine so her tail is wagging more and that is a good thing.


Catherine said...


Dave said...

Nice tomatoes. I'm jealous. I don't think I could ever get sick of them.

So sorry to hear about your dog. Couldn't be a gentler dog than a beagle.

Betty said...

Thanks for the words and the hugs for Katy. She is my sweet baby.

The tomatoes are a tasty reward for procrastination, something I am glad I have finally learned how to do.

Helen said...

((( Katy and Betty )))


Betty said...

Thanks Helen.