October 5, 2007

Good Gourd!

The $100 pumpkin.
$100 Pumpkin!

Today I stopped by Smith Farm Market on Winchester Pike. They had such a huge variety of pumpkins, gourds and squash, I had to take pictures. As usual, there are more pictures at Flickr.

There were the Goose Gourds.
Goose Gourds

There were Jug Gourds - and these things were pretty big.
Jug Gourds

A variety of big ones.
Variety of Gourds

A variety of little ones.
Blog pics 031

Today's nature stroll was at the Slate Run Wetlands, one of the Metro Parks. This time, there was only one other person there - a guy sitting on a bench with binoculars. This trail was level grass and 1.5 miles.

There were lots of frogs here, but I wasn't fast enough to get any pics of them.
Slate Run Wetlands

Slate Run Wetlands

Slate Run Wetlands

Dry wetlands.
Slate Run Wetlands

Slate Run Wetlands


Catherine said...

I send puppy hugs to katy. Great gourds. Makes me want to go out and buy some for my front porch, which I didn't do anything with this year. The box of Halloween decorations is buried in a room we intend to tackle in the spring.

Betty said...

Thanks for the Katy hugs.

I wasn't quite ready to buy a pumpkin when I saw the gourds, but they were fun to look at.
I'm ready to buy one now that the temp has dropped.

Craft Write said...

Hi, from North Carolina. I enjoyed your blog. I'm married to an Ohioan, so enjoyed your pictures. From a Buckeye spouse,