October 17, 2007

When Jupiter Aligns With Mars

Yesterday and Circumstances

1) A tall building in Columbus was scheduled to have fire drill.
2) Because of #1, Husband was working from home.
3) He was watching early morning news while starting his workday.
4) He saw on the news that Skybus has opened a new flight to Punta Gorda.
5) He emailed me to tell me that. (Yes, we were in the same house. We communicate electronically unless we are in the same room)
6) I was awake and sitting at my computer - HIGHLY unusual, but I needed to pee.
7) My parents go to Punta Gorda for the winter and I am expected to visit.
8) I got The Deal. Round trip to Punta Gorda in January - $36.30.

Whoa. I never expected to get in on one of their deals because I know they sell out so quickly and go on sale so early in the day.

And yes, I know if I have to check a bag, I pay $5. If I want some water, I pay $2. That could make the grand total a whopping $50.30. Everyone feels compelled to point that out to me for some reason.

More Jeni's Ice Cream. I think I may have been served by Mr. Jeni. Whoever it was gave lots of samples!

Jeni's Ice Cream
1) Dark Cocoa Gelato with almonds
2) Saigon Cinnamon
3)Torrone - White chocolate and honey with coarsley ground toasted almonds

Those 3 flavors blended together VERY well.


Catherine said...

Way to go on the ticket deal. Hey do you know you have to pay to check your bag? weg

Betty said...

I'll start saving up now, just in case!

apocaknits said...

Holy crap, what a deal!

Helen said...

1. I googled Punta Gorda. It's in Florida - d'oh
2. Screaming ticket deal!
3. Please. That gelato. It calls to me.

hesira said...

Wow! What a great deal!

As usual, the ice cream rocks!