February 15, 2008


Lately it seems like most of the things annoying me about other people all boils down to a lack of respect and it seems to be rampant these days. Occasionally karma kicks in immediately, like last night.

Husband and I went out to dinner. The place we went is very popular on holidays so we always make a reservation those times. As we were walking toward the door to the restaurant, another couple and their child were also walking toward it. We had a head start and were walking at a normal pace. They were walking very fast and it was obvious they were doing so just to beat us to the door, which they did.
We walked in behind them and heard them say they did not have reservations. The guy then asked us if we did and started to lead us to our table. He looked at the fast walker and said "No. Not you, them. They had reservations."

It made my day.


apocaknits said...

hahaha, nice. suck it jerks.

mollylouhoo said...

I also enjoy it when the jerks suck it.

hesira said...

Yay for you! Serves the jerks right!