January 7, 2008

The Inertia Buster

An open window!
Open Window

Those of us who live here had all come down with a big case of Inertia. It takes enough of my energy to fight against my own, but when the others here come down with a case of it too, I can get overwhelmed. I used the nice weather and open windows to cure my case of it.

Sunday evening, Ray's brother Rick called saying he and his wife were at the Hyatt for the night to catch an early Skybus flight to NYC. We met them for dinner and ice cream. They own Aroma's Java and Gelato in Cincy so they were interested in going to Jeni's to compare and contrast.

My selection. Dark cocoa gelato, Torrone, and creme fraiche with amerena cherries. The cherries were amazing.
Jeni's ice cream

Gretta and Rick
Gretta and Rick

I am recording Good Morning America tomorrow because they have tickets and were told to dress in bright colors because they may participate in an audience interview. When they wrote for tickets they said they were going to NYC to taste the gelato there for their business. It will be fun to see if that happens.

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Helen said...

You're killing me with that gelato photo!