January 2, 2008

Gingerbread at the Conservatory

This evening, I dashed into the Franklin Park Conservatory for a short while to see the Gingerbread display and the Poinsettia trees before they are gone. In case you're interested, admission is free after 5pm on the first Wednesday of the month. The tree pics didn't turn out but here are a few of the gingerbread units that I liked for one reason or another. It should be noted that these have been there for about a month and I overheard someone saying they started sagging and stuff when we had a big rain. Since I've never made one, I was still impressed.

Popcorn trees!
Popcorn trees

I liked the roof on this one.
I liked the roof on this one

The Little Mermaid - something I did not expect to see.
Little Mermaid Gingerbread House

I liked the look of this one.
Lots of trees and people Gingerbread

Snoopy Gingerbread House

The conservatory means the obligatory Chihuly pic. The closeup.
Blog pics 085

Blog pics 083

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mollylouhoo said...

We tried to do gingerbread houses with the students one year with graham crackers and icing, but the damp weather kept melting the icing. Finally we just hot glued the graham crackers together and let the kids go nuts with the left over icing and candy. All together a successful Christmas craft.