November 27, 2007

Hikes, hats, boat and toast.

I'm making an effort to spend more time outside this winter. Maybe if I acclimate myself, I will learn to like it. Yesterday I found myself wishing for snow. I've gone on a few of the scheduled night hikes with the Metro Parks, which I found fun. The other day, I talked Ray into walking around the North Bank Park. It was kind of disappointing to see so much litter, but it definitely has potential.
Me and the Scioto
The Santa Maria. Personally, I can't imagine spending money to see this, but it's kind of cool to just walk by.
The Santa Maria

We also went to see William Wegman: Funney/Strange at the Wexner The video of how to make Log Cabin Cinnamon Toast was well worth the price of admission :) Admission is free, btw, as was parking on Sunday.

The finished Koolhaas hat.
Koolhass Hat

And a beagle hat.
Beagle Hat


apocaknits said...

Well I don't know which hat I like better! That's a very vibrant blue though, I like it a lot. :)

I think we got to see the Santa Maria when I was a kid because of some weird promotion, otherwise we wouldn't have gone (since it's kind of a gip.) Very nice pictures!

mollysusie said...

Ooooh! Aaaah!

Which cast on did you use for the Koolhaus hat? I want to knit one but was trying to figure out the 2x2 tubular cast on in the round first...

Betty said...

The beagle hat is warmer :)

The cast on? I am such a slacker with my cast ons. I kept trying to do nice ones unsuccessfully and ended up doing the backward loop, which looked about the same as the others I was trying.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Oh man.... I am excited to see the Koolhaus. I am going to make it for DH.

mollylouhoo said...

Can I have the pattern for the beagle hat?