August 15, 2007

The Kelton House

Today I went to The Kelton House on E. Town St. for one of their Victorian Teas. I plan to go back again sometime.
Kelton House

Here is a pic of the food we were served, all very tasty.
The food

We got to look around the house after the tea. Here are a few shots.
Hat rack
Kelton House
Kelton House
Beef, Iron and Wine in a bottle!
Me, Peggy and Brenda


mollylouhoo said...

The Kelton House is so pretty! Next time you go check out the side table in the study - there is a mason jar loaded with antique knitting needles!

Betty said...

Check out the home page photo on the yahoo group :)

mollylouhoo said...

I know, I saw it today! Of course I should have known you would hone right in on those:)

R Kayla said...

I'm so happy to see you went to the Kelton House. I love it and have been a docent there for four years. I lived next door to the house for the first two of those years. While I'm waiting for tours to come, I sit on the horse hair couch in the lobby and knit.

R Kayla said...

Oh yeah...almost forgot to say...I LOVE the new shot on the Yahoo Group page. I recognized where the needles were from right away. I always point them out when I give tours.