August 24, 2007

Cutting Boards

I was excited to find these at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Cutting boards.

It's a set of four and they are each marked for their appropriate use! There is a vegetable, seafood, poultry and meat version. I've become a little paranoid about kitchen things since my bout with food poisoning and since others in the house aren't as paranoid as I am, I always wonder if they are paying attention. Now they can see exactly which one to use!

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Bean Counting Knitter said...

Very Cool.... Where oh where did you find them?

Betty said...

I found them hanging on an endcap at Bed Bath and Beyond on Rome-Hilliard. I'm thinking about getting a set for my Mom and my MIL....:P

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Thanks.... What a great idea.