August 27, 2007

Jeni's ice cream - again!

I'm doing my part to sample as many flavors as possible.

Jeni's ice cream - again!

Backyard Mint, Black Coffee, and Cucumber Sorbet. It's starting to melt because there was nowhere to sit so I went to my car. I was going to try the one on High St., but parking was a hassle and I wasn't wearing my walking shoes, so I went to Grandview.

I also tried Panzera's pizza for the first time tonight, after hearing good things about it. I concur with what I heard. I had the ice cream for dinner and pizza for dessert.

I should use my car as a background more often.


Bean Counting Knitter said...

HUMMMMM Black Coffee.... Now you are talking. Put that with the dark choc and I am in.

Alvin said...

That looks good.

You're right. Your car makes a great background.