April 23, 2007

Dublin Day

Today's appointment took me to Dublin (the Ohio one, not the other one, unfortunately), so I went to one of my favorite tea places, TehKu. If I overheard a conversation correctly, they will be opening another one somewhere.

The Field of Corn
Field of Corn
Maybe this summer I will get a better picture of it.

And look what I noticed in the yard today - Money plants. Now we will be rich.
Money plant


Inggrie said...

Hi there,
It's true, TehKu will be opening a small store in Dublin Community Recreational Center to serve patrons and guests of the rec center. Thanks for your comment about our store.

Kind Regards
Inggrie Merriman
TehKu Tea

Betty's Blog said...

Thank you for commenting in my blog, Inggrie!