April 22, 2007

Sunny Sunday

A while back, I told RM that he was going to have to start buying his own shirts. It's not that I mind shopping for him, it was that I didn't want to be one of those couples who sometimes find themselves dressed alike. I tend to buy colors and styles I like, whether it's for me or for him. He needs his own style.

I hadn't thought about Shauna and I having that problem. Today we were the alternate of each other.

She was very quick to announce that she was dressed first today. My clothes decision process was like this "Hmm, I only have white pants underwear in my drawer so I should wear white pants."

We went to check out The Art Museum.

My photographer of the day wasn't moved by anything she saw, so no pics were taken, except for this...

She is a lovely young maiden!

Then we went to The Topiary Garden, where Shauna walked around the park and took pics,

while I sat on a bench and worked on a sock.

Today's Jeni's ice cream flavor was Butterscotch Cocoa Nibs for me and Lemon Yogurt for Shauna. I wonder if I can get through the whole list this summer....

This is the Indian dish RM made for dinner, starting with dried chickpeas. It was really good.

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