April 11, 2007

Down on the farm.

My friend Peggy has been wanting to go to a Tea Room that's not very close by. When I was glancing through my Metro Parks book, I saw that they were having a wool demonstration at the one near the tea place she wanted to try. I thought combining the two would make it worth the trip, and I could hike a new trail!

Today was cold and rainy. She wasn't happy with her food. Once you get outside of the city, it seems like the definition of good food changes. Columbus has lots of great food and I think I get spoiled by that.

So then we went to Slate Run

We saw some chickens.

We saw a couple of bulls. Big bulls.

They were making cookies in the kitchen - we didn't wait for them, but the kitchen looked darn nifty.

This is Peggy in the kitchen.

Then we watched the wool turning into yarn for a while.

From there we went to a trail, but it was too cold and rainy. I walked a very short loop while she stayed in the car. I will probably go back to it sometime - the trail is grass and goes around a lot of water - looks like fun.

On the way back we stopped at Jeni's. Check out the list of flavors. I had Strawberry Rose Petal and it was delicious and brightened up a dreary day.

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