July 1, 2008

Catching up - Inniswood in June

I've been to Inniswood Metro Park several times, but this time with Susy I found a few things I had not seen before.

The Story Maze and the Grandfather tree. You follow the numbered squares and read the story as you walk through the maze.
The story maze
The story maze
At the end of the maze, you see this!
At the end of the maze

The treehouse looked vaguely familiar, but this time I got a close look.
Cool tree house

Unfortunately, I can't remember what this was (it's been a few weeks since I was there), but it had lots of nifty surprises nestled around it.
Old bricks
Music in the garden
Art in surprising places
Nifty urn/pot

Most of the blooms were a shade of purple while we were there. Can anyone tell me what this is?
I've seen them several different places, but haven't found out what they are.
What are these?

Looking out at the herb garden from the gazebo.
View of the herbs from the gazebo

This statue was kind of off of the path and somewhat hidden. I thought it was cool.
Mostly hidden statue

Finally, I really liked this tree. It seemed so vibrant to me.
I love this


cameo530 said...

Late replying, but that flower you were asking about is some sort of allium, probably Globemaster. See it here: http://www.brentandbeckysbulbs.com/spring/productview/?sku=03-0127

hesira said...

I love your herb garden pics. The story maze is incredible.

I commented on your flickr about the allium, but it looks like cameo knew as well.

Kel-Bell said...

How strange...I just posted a story with a reference to the Sky Woman statue at Inniswoods gardens, then happen over here and see you have posted her photo.