June 22, 2008

An update on Betty's Bro

The news is good. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and comments. They are very much appreciated.

Rob has a long list of injuries including a broken nose, stitches in his tongue, broken ribs, bruised lung, and his spine is broken from his ribcage down to his coccyx. He never lost sensation in his legs and never lost movement in them either. He was thrown 30 ft. from his bike.

Yesterday he was fitted for a back brace and was able to stand for an x-ray. Today he was able to sit in a chair for a few minutes. This means that he gets to avoid surgery to fuse the vertebrae. He will wear the brace for 3 months and then be evaluated again to see if the brace worked well enough. They are talking about releasing him from the hospital within the next few days. His attitude is amazing and he is determined to be able to do the backpacking trips next summer that he had planned for this summer.

He wants to get back to Montana as soon as possible and will do his therapy there. He will stay with the parents until he is able to tolerate sitting long enough to make the trip. My parents are hanging in there. I have yet to fully grasp the trauma and now they are talking about releasing him. It's all very surreal to me.


apocaknits said...

It'll be alright Betty! It sounds like he's being super upbeat about it and that's amazing. I'm so hopeful for you guys :)

Let us know if you need anything!

mollylouhoo said...

I am so relieved. It sounds like he is doing great despite all those crushed, stitched, and bruised bits. Thank god for optimism!

More love your way.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

((((Betty)))))) Still keeping him in my prayers.

hesira said...

I'm glad the news is good. It's amazing what a positive attitude can do!