September 5, 2007

Equal Opportunity Ice Cream Consumer

Everyone knows what a fan of Jeni's Ice Cream I am. Today I tried Denise's for the first time. I can't get to the web site so here's a link to a review page. I don't know why I haven't been there sooner. It was great ice cream too. This is the Chai Tea flavor.
Denise's Ice Cream
I plan to go back to try some of the other flavors.

I have no pictures, but I also have to mention Mardi Gras ice cream on Hard Rd. They give generous portions and have lots of different flavors.

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Bean Counting Knitter said...

I told my husband about your ice cream "habit" and I bet he checks out your blog. Before surgery, he was an ice cream junkie but now he can't eat it so much. He can drool still though. :-)