May 30, 2007

The Movie Tavern

I checked out the newly revamped theater closeby. The Movie Tavern.

You buy your ticket, then enter and find yourself in a large bar. As you give your ticket to the ticket taker, they ask if you want a menu and then direct you to your theater. I said yes.

There are single chairs and a long table.

Seats and table

The menu.

The Menu

The call button for service.

The Call Button

I had the chicken nachos.

Ultimate Chicken Nachos

Next time, I will order something easier to eat in the dark. As soon as the lights turned off, I thought "uh-oh".

The theater I was in was not crowded, and there was nobody in front of me. The service was much less distracting than I expected. I don't know if it would be much different with a large crowd.

Oh, I saw Spiderman 3. I liked it :)

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