May 4, 2007

Fresh air

The May 3rd post done on May 4th, with pictures taken on May 2nd.

It takes 90 minutes to get to Ryan and Jen's house, with 3 main options to choose from. One is 10 minutes on the Interstate with the rest on back roads, half interstate and half back roads, or 85 minutes of interstate. They all take the same amount of time. I find going there, that I usually get off the Interstate after 10 minutes because I am tired of dealing with the semi trucks. Don't get me started on that. Coming home, I usually do the half and half.

These were taken on the way home, showing one of the downsides of taking back roads certain times of the year.

A tractor slows things down.

Slow down

REALLY slows things down.

Really slow

Finally it turns.

It finally turns

But you know, once the corn is up, I will love driving the back roads to get there. All of that natural green everywhere. I won't mind the tractors slowing me down at all.

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