January 20, 2009

Betty who?

I'm not sure what it is about blogging but it just hasn't been happening. I think using Twitter and Facebook has something to do with it. Twitter has gone in a direction that isn't going to last, like mostly following people I don't know, so maybe when I break up with or revamp myTwitter I'll blog more.

But I had to share some of these pics. I'm trying Project 365 on Flickr (probably another contribution to lack of blogging, but maybe I can make it work for it instead).

Here are some pics of a couple of local water falls. Hayden Run Falls and Indian Run Falls. Indian Run Falls is very easily accessed, and Hayden Run Falls is a short walk after going down some steps.
Check them out before the weather gets warm!

Indian Run Falls
Frozen Indian Run Falls
Frozen Indian Run Falls

Hayden Run Falls
Frozen Hayden Run Falls
Betty on Ice

A few weeks ago, some friends and I hiked from Old Man's Cave to Ash Cave. We did this before the annual hike they sponsor with huge crowds, so it was just us and an occasional sighting of another person :) There was less snow and ice than there is now, but it was still gorgeous!

Grandma Gatewood Trail
Old Man's Cave
Tree Roots
Cedar Falls
Cedar Falls

So far, all of this outdoor activity (I've been going on some Metro Park hikes too) is postponing the winter blues. Yay!


Lindsey said...

Well I'll still read your blog, no matter how sparingly you update it!

Dave said...

Pretty spectacular images (as always), you have a good technical and artistic photo talents,

Frequency of blog posts is irrelevant because of feed readers. I have blogger's feeds listed that don't update for months and look forward to them whenever they do have the itch.

Regarding Twitter/Facebook (I update Facebook with Twitter usually by texting from a phone). I think Twitter fills a fascinating niche of sharing the sometimes wonderful minutia we see daily and thus, relieves us of the urge to run home and blog, leaving the blog as a larger piece to take time and write or disclose information more carefully. All these things I find can work well together.

Now, everytime I get the itch to pitch the blog, I just wait and the urge generally returns.

I'll stop yapping now.

Take care.

mollysusie said...

I love how at Indian Falls you look down and at Hayden Run Falls you look up. Different perspectives on the world.

I love your pics from Hocking Hills. I tend to take small, close ups of details I find interesting, you capture the whole scene and feel...I'll have to try that sometime. Looking at your pics made me wish I was there, then I realized I was.

I'm hating on Twitter right now. To me it's a prime example of what happens when mainstream media finds something cool on the interwebs and then destroys it bit by bit. I've always hated on facebook...but yet can not resist.

Robert D. said...

The photographs are nice and depict real life.

It's nice to see that you are enjoying your time by enhancing your photo capturing skills.

The best thing is, though the photographs are captured in normal lights, it looks nice.

I am very busy person and travel a lot, always keep my camera with me, whenever I get time, I start capturing photographs of nearby places and objects.

Hope to see your more talent in coming days.

Rober D.

Anonymous said...

Wow , on some of the picture's it looks like Narnia ! You may not know it but it is a great film ... (: anyway , the pica look awesome ! :D

Kristen Rasmussen said...

that picture you did of the tree roots is ever so beautiful

Jake said...

wow!! your pictures are wonderfull!! conmgrats!!

hello from Brasil!! I'll follow your publications - loved the pictures!!

Daisy said...

wow. its beautiful. i love the scenery.