April 5, 2008

Blogging for a year

It's easy for me to remember when I started blogging, since my first post was on my birthday. I've been slacking at it lately and I blame March, which totally kicked my butt. There's nothing like a good birthday to turn things around! Yesterday was very low key, but a birthday I enjoyed very much. I really felt all of the well wishes I got - (ALL of them, Hesira - you're the best! :) ).

Husband gave me a new camera, which will in time improve the quality of my photos. We took it to dinner last night and we still need to learn a few things about using it. Dinner at Latitude 41 was awesome. I'm going to post a few of the pics, even though they are too dark.

This was the view from our corner table.

My dinner entree - scallops. It was beautifully presented.

Dessert - chocolate cake, fruit and Jeni's Forest Berry Merlot Sorbet. This is technically Susy's dessert, but I had the same thing :)

I would highly recommend the restaurant - the food, service, ambience - everything was great.


Bean Counting Knitter said...

Happy belated birthday! I look forward to all the pictures with your new camera!

mollylouhoo said...

Happy Birthday!!!! You deserve a relaxing night out.

Betty said...

Thanks guys! It was a good day.

Joanne said...

Us April birthday girls should unite!!!!! Two good things happen to us in April.....a birthday and a good shot at spring.